Client Care


We care about our clients. 

We want them to be satisfied with the service that we provide to them and to have such a positive experience of working with us that they recommend us to others. 


We are committed to ensuring that all of our Associates perform at a consistently high standard and in this respect we have set ourselves the following standards.


If you do not experience a level of service consistent with our stated standards then please contact us on +44 203 286 5650.


Professional Standards


All work undertaken by Healthcare Leadership Systems will be conducted in an expert and professional manner by all of our mediators, consultants, trainers, and coaches.


We will provide suitably qualified and experienced professionals to do any work that is accepted by Healthcare Leadership Systems.

We will not accept any work beyond the capability of our panel of Associates.

We will always act in the best interests of our clients.

We will always treat our clients with appropriate respect and courtesy.

We will return all telephone calls on the same day if at all possible, and if it is not possible to do this, then within 24 hours.

All client email and other correspondence will be acknowledged and handled promptly to ensure our clients are kept fully informed of the progress of any work being undertaken.

All other correspondence will be acknowledged within 48 hours and responded to appropriately within 7 working days.

Appointments with clients will be prioritised and wherever possible the time and venue will be arranged to suit the convenience of the client.

Clients will be provided with appropriate documentation setting out the costs involved in any mediation or other work undertaken by us.





Unless otherwise agreed, or in exceptional circumstances, all information about our clients, their business or our involvement in any work on their behalf is confidential 

We will not discuss our client's affairs with third parties except where required in order to perform the work for which we have been engaged, unless otherwise agreed with our clients.

We may of course discuss client matters internally within Healthcare Leadership Systems in order to ensure that we are able to provide the best possible service to our clients. 

All our employees or Associates are bound by confidentiality clauses contained within their contracts of employment or consultancy agreements with Healthcare Leadership Systems.

Any breach of confidentiality would be treated very seriously and could depending on the circumstances lead to disciplinary action including dismissal or termination of the associates consultancy agreement.